What is an invisible TV?

A modern lifting device which elegantly and effectively hides your television in a first-class Czech produced cabinet available in various colour finishes, and then slides it out again for uninterrupted enjoyment of your favourite TV programmes.

Have your television under control

The television is secured onto a specially developed lifting system by which it can be slid out of a cupboard for example. Once you´ve finished with it, it can be slid back again.

No need to limit yourself even in the bedroom – this system can be mounted into a bedhead, something that will be appreciated not only at home but also in hotels. And what´s more, concealing a television in the office brings a pleasant solution for managers, who don´t have to admit to their superiors that they sometimes stretch out their legs and watch the football.

Advantages of the Lifting System

  • An original solution for installing a TV.

Can´t decide, or agree with your partner, where to put the television? Here´s a simple and original solution.

  • Make your interior cosier and make more room for the things that you truly like and that are important to you.
  • Greater safety for you and your television – It´s protected from being broken or knocked over…particularly in households with small children.
  • Enables television to be used in spaces where it was not previously possible (playroom, small rooms...)
  • The ideal solution for small living areas where every bit of free space counts.
  • Join the old with the new and create the perfect combination of rustic charm with the possibilities of modern technology.
  • This can be a boon for parents who are concerned about how their children spend their free time – concealing a flat screen makes it less of a temptation for them to switch on, so encouraging them to fill their leisure time with other activities.
  • Hiding that large black surface that is a switched off TV screen has a positive effect on the mind. It creates an oasis of calm in today´s hurried world of modern technology.
  • It raises the professionality of your office, classroom, conference room …allowing effective use of the television just when you really need it and so putting the situation in your hands.
  • Holiday-home owners will also appreciate it as an extra protection against thieves.
  • It can provide a solution to the question often posed these days of whether to have a television or not have a television
  • Comfortable and simple to operate.

A great solution for hotels and restaurants who use a television only very occasionally. The rest of the time the TV will be protected from dirt and damage